Custom production of textile haberdashery

PE Fofanov produces more than 20 product groups, which can be found on our stock: it''s the most popular gum, cords, shoe laces, expanders and so on, the standard sizes, colors and materials.

If you need the custom, unique textiles and materials, cords, rope expanders, we accept orders for manufacturing of wholesale and small wholesale batches of products.

With a full range of products that can be manufactured in production PE Fofanov, you can read here.

Making the pattern of the customer

You can send us a sample of goods (cable, rope, rope, string, rubber bands, etc.) convenient way.
We will study the sample and the technical possibilities happy to fulfill your order.

What materials?

To the production of textiles, we use conventional materials: polyester, polypropylene, polyamide (nylon), cotton yarn.
In the production of latex rubber bands used a high quality thread.
For special orders or products we can use rare or unusual materials - thread DYNEEMA, kevlar, carbon fiber.
A complete list of the materials here.

If you need products from non-standard material that we do not use, we are happy to fulfill an order, if it is technologically possible.


We offer attractive prices on the wholesale shipments of textile products.
Full-date price for the products you can download here.
In the manufacture of non-standard products it will calculate the value of our manager.


We can produce the products of almost any color, with orientation to color map.

If there is no yarn color you want, we will offer you the nearest or most appropriate.

The minimum party of one color

The minimum party products - is the technological requirements of equipment.
This is the result of the machine when you charge it the minimum amount of supplies.

Estimated minimum batch:

  • For the power cord from 500 m
  • For the expander 500 m
  • For the cords, rubber bands, wicks 1000 m
  • For okruchennyh gum from 5000 m

Minimum lot for your order our manager will call

Production time

Time of manufacturing batch of products is on average about 7 days.
When ordering the exact production time you call the manager.


When the production of textile products in order we will begin to work after receiving an advance payment of 50% of the total cost of the order.
The balance you pay on delivery of the finished order.


According to the civil law, your payment is the official confirmation of the order.
You will receive documents confirming the payment and issuing of the order.
Upon request, we will issue a written contract.

We are waiting for your orders!

How to order the production of textile products

To receive the order for manufacturing of a product let our manager:

1. The exact name of the product, if you know it. If you do not know the exact name, his manager will help determine. If necessary, we may send you samples of our materials .

What are the materials we use in production

A complete list of products manufactured by PE Fofanov

The materials used in the manufacture and exploitation of shoes

a) thread stitched nylon shoe diameter 0.3-1.2 mm (black and brown);