Braided cable 6 mm for decorative lamps Edison

Diameter 6 mm. The minimum order is 50 m
Sales price 241,20 грн.
Price / kg:
Цена за 50 метров

We accept orders by the customer braided electric cable polypropylene thread of different colors.

cable diameter: 6 mm.

Braid Material: 100% polypropylene yarn.

Color Braid: according to the map color polypropylene filaments.

Minimum order - 50 m of the same color.

How to order cable twining?

For braiding cable transmits customer PE Fofanov YS the correct length cable.

Minimum length - 50 m.

With manager specify the color of braiding, weaving view, the timing of execution of the order.

After execution of the order, our manager will contact you.