Hoodies and Hoodies Cords

Шнуры для толстовок и худи

Cords for sweatshirts and hoodie are presented on our website in various colors, sizes and types of material used.

This type of cords can be used not only in the manufacture of sweatshirts and hoodies, but also in other types of clothing.

  • ✅ jackets
  • ✅ windbreakers
  • ✅ sweaters
  • ✅ ground attack

Used materials for the manufacture of cords for sweatshirts and hoodie:

  • ✅ cotton
  • ✅ polyester

Cord colors:

  • ✅ cotton: natural, bleached, black, dark gray, light gray, brown, denim, dark blue, cornflower blue, green (pe: 123), red, orange, beige.
  • ✅Polyester: according to the polyester color map

Cord sizes:

  • ✔ 8, 12, 16 mm.

Order quantity:

  • ✔ With stock: minimum order - 100 meters
  • ✔ Under the order: the minimum order is 1000 meters

When making the order, you can set the following parameters:

  • ✔ size (diameter, length)
  • ✔ color

Pickup from the warehouse is possible: s. Gatne Str. Youth, 51-B, 15 min. from the metro station Teremki.

Cotton Cord for Hoodies and Hoodies

Width: 8, 12, 16 mm.

Price per 1 meter from

Polyester cord for consumer and hoodie

Width: 8, 12, 16 mm.

Price per 1 meter from
1,66 грн.
Price / kg: