Paracord III - 550

100 m. The diameter of 3, 4, 5 mm. Color: black, olive, khaki, red, turquoise.
Паракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, КиевПаракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Sales price 566,00 грн.
Price / m:
Цена за 100 метров (1 моток)
Диаметр шнура, мм
Паракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Паракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Паракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Паракорд цвет олива, производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Паракорд цвет красный, производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Паракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев
Паракорд производство ЧП Фофанов Ю.С, Киев

Parachute cord - the cord is braided cord yarn of the core (filler) of 7 two-fiber polyamide threads.

parachute cord Manufacturing: Ukraine. Manufacturer: PE Fofanov YS

Material: braid cord yarn, filler - twisted monofilament thread of 1 mm diameter

The manufacturing method: high-density weaving

Cord diameter: 2 ... 6 mm.

Color parachute cord: black, white, khaki, red, turquoise.

Packing: coils of 100 m.

Minimum order - 100 m (standard length of parachute cord on a reel).

Customization - 500 m.

Where to buy parachute cord in Kiev?

Parachute cord can be purchased from the warehouse in Kiev in a state of emergency Fofanov. Gatnoe. Pre is better to clarify the presence of parachute cord on the phone. Working time management: 9-18 without interruption, Friday 9-17. Working hours warehouse: 10: 00-17: 30, Fri 10:00 - 16:30.

In the presence of cord stock, you can buy a skein of 100 m. Less than 100 meters can be purchased if the stock is a coil of up to 100 m.

The manager will report the presence of the cord in diameter, quantity and color, will help you choose the right one.

In the absence of parachute cord cord in stock, you can order the production, minimum order - 500 m cord of one type and color.

Parachute cord production and customization.  Parachute cord's price

PE Fofanov is a manufacturer of parachute cord and other cords (cables). Thanks to our own production, we can offer our customers the Ukrainian parachute cord wholesale, low price. The price of parachute cord can be found on this page, or from the manager by phone, or in the section "Prices", the group "Special cords."

Using its own production capacity, can produce PE Fofanov parachute cord diameters ranging from 2 to 6 mm, with the correct number of threads in the core (7 pieces or more).

In the manufacture of parachute cord to order, you can choose the length (minimum 500 meters) in diameter, color braid. Available usually colors: black, white, khaki, red, turquoise, color can be purchased specifically for the customer. Braid (sleeve parachute cord) can be a single color or a combination (mix) colors.

To order the parachute cord (manufacturing), please contact our manager.

About parachute cord

Parachute cord - the cord for the parachute sling (parachute cord), was made according to the standard 1994 № MIL-C-5040H US Army. According to the standard, there are 6 types of parachute cord with different characteristics (I, II, III, IV, V, VI). Parachute cord of each type has a different load at break (in pounds). Standard military parachute cord diameter - 4 mm, color green protective.

In 1997, the standard was abolished, but the cord is caught in the civil life. Most widespread type III with parachute cord breaking load of 550 pounds, and his so-called now - the parachute cord III or parachute cord 550. In contrast to the standard military, civilian parachute cord called "commercial" ( "commercial type"), produced a variety of colors and inside the core consists of a two-fiber thread (in the military - the thread of the three fibers).

Parachute cord is popular with lovers of extreme sports. From a variety of parachute cord made bracelets - rough decorative and practical for survival, with a variety of accessories (decorative skulls, Flint, carabiners, buckles, etc.).