Braided monofilament Dyneema

Dainima, polyester braiding. The diameter is 0.8 mm. Length ...

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Dainima, polyester braiding. The diameter is 1.0 mm. Length ...

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0.9 мм. - Разрывная нагрузка: 40 кг.

1.0 мм. - Разрывная нагрузка: 50 кг.

PE Fofanov YS manufactures of Dyneema braided fishing line for fishing with a diameter from 0.4 mm to 1.0 mm.

Dyneema (Dyneema) - a trademark under which produced an extremely strong fiber of high molecular weight polyethylene. In the US, the same material is known as "the Spectra" brand. Cords of Dyneema stronger steel 7-15 times, and at the same time a lot easier.

We accept orders for manufacturing of braided fishing line from Dyneema yarn with the desired characteristics. Minimum order - from 500 m.