Filaments / Threads

Elastic band

Sales price: 0,72 грн.
Price / kg:

Elastic thread latex 40 threads 20 kg

Price for 20 kg.

Sales price: 365,00 грн.
Price / kg:

Reflective thread 0,5 - 1 mm.

Sales price: 1280,00 грн.
Price / kg:

Джутовая нить оптом

Diameter 1 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm. The minimum order is 100 m. Select the ...

Sales price: 42,24 грн.
Price / kg:

Wholesale nylon thread and yarns of different materials: threads of Dyneema (Dyneema, Daynema), polyester, nylon, latex thread, metallic thread of M and MX, metallic threads color gold and silver, polypropylene, jute, acrylic, cotton (cotton) thread.

The yarns are sold in rolls per kilogram. Nylon thread - as coils of 12 m and 130 m.

The price and minimum batch specify at the manager by phone.