Reflective thread 0,5 - 1 mm.

Светоотражающая нить фотоСветоотражающая нить
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Светоотражающая нить фото
Светоотражающая нить фото
Светоотражающая нить на бобине
Светоотражающая нить фото
Светоотражающая нить на бобине

Reflective thread - one of the most necessary and useful for human security inventions. Reflective thread is used for the production of materials and devices to ensure safety in the dark, and in places where there is not enough natural lighting.

  1. It has excellent wear resistance
  2. Meets standard standards: en 471
  3. High visibility

Reflective thread used in the manufacture of:

  • shoelace
  • sportswear
  • specialist. clothes
  • shoes with reflective elements
  • headgear special and law enforcement services

When the light hits the surface of the reflective yarn, it becomes as if glowing, thus very noticeable against the background of other objects and surfaces.

On our website you can choose and buy the highest quality reflective thread. It is also possible to fulfill individual orders using various variations and nuances at the request of the customer.

 Characteristic of a reflecting tape:

  • Quantity in the reel: 2000 meters
  • Color Reflection: Cool - White
  • Reflection coefficient: 450 cd / m²
  • Size: 0,5 - 1 mm

Light entering the surface of a light-reflecting filament at night, is reflected at a distance of more than 300 meters.