Household cord 20 m

Length of skein 20 m. Price for 1 skein
Шнур бытовой (бельевой)Шнур бытовой (бельевой)
Sales price 13,31 грн.
Price / m: 0,67 грн.
Цвет шнура
Шнур бытовой (бельевой)
Шнур бытовой (бельевой)

Household (household) cord woven with a filler.

Used for domestic purposes.

Material: polyester thread (lavsan, polyester, polyester), polypropylene thread.

Manufacturing method: weaving.

Household cord diameter: 3.5mm

Tensile load: more than 100 kg.

Packing: skeins of 20 m and bays of 100 m.
Minimum lot: 1 skein of 20 m (if available in stock).

It is possible to fulfill individual orders according to the client’s model, the minimum lot is 1000 m.
Possible color options:

  • red + white,
  • green + white,
  • blue + white.

You can ask the price and any other questions about the household cord through the request form or from phone managers.