Shoe laces



Shoe laces "PP Fofanov YS ® Production of textile haberdashery" (Kiev, Ukraine).

To choose and buy laces among a large number of types of materials, types and colors is possible at this resource, or from a warehouse ☛ at our address

Minimum lot of laces - 50 pairs of one kind (length, shape, color).

Laces can be selected and purchased according to the following parameters:


  • laces are colored according to ➫ color map
  • laces are black
  • laces are white 


  • ✅ laces are flat and wide
  • ✅ laces are average
  • ✅ Thick laces
  • ✅ Thin laces


  • ✅ polypropylene
  • ✅ polyester
  • ✅ cotton
  • ✅ Kevlar

Reflective laces can be made additionally by adding a reflective filament to the composition


  • ✅ Braided laces
  • ✅ laces twisted
  • ✅ laces are knitted

Laces by length:

  • 50 50 cm to 3.00 meters

Warning! Price for laces is fluorescent + 10% to the price in price.

Applications for the production of laces to order according to the individual parameters and requirements of the client are accepted.


  • · Laces can be bought or ordered online at our site and get your goods at the New Mail offices in your locality.
  • · You can also get your laces by courier in Kyiv.


You can buy laces from a warehouse in ☛ s. Gatne Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, str. Youth, 51-B. (+/- 10 minutes from metro station Teremki, minibus №: 365 or 723).


  • Lace prices are reflected on the lace goods pages.
  • In the current Lace Price, which is available for download in dox format.