Shoe laces

Buy shoe laces wholesale from the manufacturer foto

Shoe laces production PP Fofanov Yu.S. (Kyiv, Ukraine). A large selection of color gamut and materials
Minimum lot - 50 pairs of laces of the same type (length, shape, color).

Wholesale and manufacturing of a wide range of shoelaces:

  • by color: black laces, white, colored laces
  • in shape: thin laces, medium, thick, flat and wide laces
  • along the length: from 50 cm to 3.00 meters

Warning! Price for fluorescent laces + 10% to the price in the price list

Applications for the manufacture of shoe laces according to the individual wishes and requirements of the client are accepted.

Buy shoe laces you can from the warehouse in. Gatne of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district (10 minutes from the station "Teremky" metro station)

It is also possible to place an order for laces on our site and to receive your goods at the offices of the New Mail in your own locality.