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Textile rubber bands - a role in modern life

The opinion of a modern person, not to mention specialists in the field of textile production, agrees that the role of textile gum plays a crucial role in a wide range of human activities, in particular the manufacture of textile products.

Few people think about the role of elastic bands for clothes in people's lives. It would seem that a trifle is an unpretentious element of clothing, an elastic band for clothes has successfully replaced belts, belts, laces, garters made of static materials.

Without elastic bands for clothes, it is almost impossible to imagine the everyday life of modern people. In addition, very often it is not only about convenience and comfort, but also about aesthetics, style and beauty.

Colored and well-made elastic bands for clothes are used as accessories that are always popular.

The aesthetic appearance and practical properties of the elastic band for clothes are the finishing touch and an element of a stylish and fashionable image of clothing.

It is only required to successfully choose an elastic band for clothes, taking into account modern trends, types, materials (cotton, polyester, polypropylene), color and other parameters (density, type of manufacture: weaving, knitting), so that the clothes or decor element become even more attractive.

Modern tendencies
Uncompromising trends - stranded elastic band (round or flat) braided with textile colored thread with fragmentary weaving of reflective, lurex, metallized (gold/silver) thread.

The rubber band is used in the tailoring of sportswear and outerwear with adjustable clamps and metal and plastic tips. Thinner elastic options are applicable for cuff elements of sleeves and legs.

Flat and types of elastic bands, of any width, are applicable for belts, majets, creating and emphasizing the fit of clothes.

Also, an elastic band for tailoring is widely used in the manufacture of underwear, special clothing, in particular medical clothing: for majets, sleeves, shoe covers and medical masks.

Types of textile rubber bands produced by PE Fofaenov Yu. S. in the catalog of the site texfofanov.com
Elastic thread - a latex thread (elastic band) spun with a polyester thread of 1.2 mm: used for the manufacture of socks, mudges (added for pulling mudgets), gloves and mittens for workers, for medical shoe covers, elastic bandages, for elastic belts, in the production of knitwear and fabrics elastic. Latex No. 47 - Thailand. Packing of a thread - elastic bands +/- 1000 meters. There may be coils of 900 meters. Elastic band (latex thread) 1 - 0.6 mm wrapped in cotton, polyester, lurex - gold / silver. Elastic band (latex thread) wrapped with various threads: cotton, polyester, lurex thread.
Elastic band flat woven polyester - Availability of diameters mm.: 5, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 mm. Woven polyester and cotton. Wide range of colors: Color map Also flat elastic is called: prodzhka, underwear elastic, elastic for panties, wide elastic band for clothes, elastic band for sewing. Used in the production of clothing and other products: Underwear; Sportswear; Skirts; Other products.
Elastic band 8…40 mm - Production method: weaving. Material: latex thread of various diameters as a base, braided with polyester thread.
The diameter of the latex thread depends on the density of the braid required by the customer. Ribbon color: any color according to the color chart.
Elastic band with lurex flat braided gold 8-10 mm - for making clothes, bed linen, and other products. Lurex elastic can also be used in the manufacture of clothes for performances, masquerades, shows and concerts.
Elastic band flat for notebooks woven 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm - wide range of colors: 13 possible colors according to the polyester color chart
Elastic band soutache 2.5 mm. black and white - For making underwear, sportswear, blouses, skirts.
Flat knitted elastic - similar to braided elastic, but more stretchable and cheaper than a similar braided elastic in width. Color: According to the polyester color chart. Material: base - polyester thread, elastic filler - high quality latex thread. For the manufacture of clothing, underwear, in medicine for the manufacture of disposable medical shoe covers and caps. Coils of 100 meters, not wound in cardboard boxes.
Elastic band for medical disposable shoe covers, caps and masks: Option 1: Flat knitted elastic band of 2 veins. Width 4.0 mm. Base - polyester thread, elastic filler - 2 veins of latex with a diameter of 0.64 mm. Option 2: Elastic band round, wrapped with polyester or cotton thread. Diameter 0.8-1.2 mm. Material: basis - polyester/cotton thread. Elastic filler - 1 thread of latex with a diameter of 0.64 mm. Option 3: Latex thread, diameter 0.6 - 1.3 mm. for the manufacture of disposable medical shoe covers, caps and masks. Packing: reels.
Elastic band 20...40 mm - Production method: knitting. Material: latex thread of various diameters as a base, braided with polyester thread.
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