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The paper twine is made by twisting the paper tape.

Material: kraft paper .

Color: available - Kraft, the order may be different colors .

Packing: twine wrapped around the spool .

For Sale: gross per kilogram .

Prices and minimum batch learn through inquiry form or managers at phones .

Twine paper is used for packaging of various products in shops, factories, for dressing paper and cardboard products, including publications, sealing parcels at post offices, manufacturing batch pens at home for various household needs, etc. < / p>

The main advantage possessed by the paper twine - is, of course, environmentally friendly, which is a consequence of its 100% cellulosic composition. This is one of the few used nowadays materials, which is completely safe for the environment. Since this is directly related to its use in agriculture in the first place is an automatic strapping rolls and large bales of hay and straw. Paper twine has a medium hardness, good fit, is not destroyed by UV rays.

All of the most popular high-quality bags with handles from paper twine. Trendy bags made from kraft paper of different colors with the customer's logo or any other pattern can serve as a stylish package for the purchase or gift.

Color paper twine is widely used in hendmeyde, packing gifts, flowers, and designers often use it in their work. This is a very malleable material and is perfect for use in art.